As with most creative people my art bug bit early. I was encouraged by my parents who patiently allowed me to art in the middle of the living room, sometimes for days at a time. Art is best when it’s not contained; I still find so much to explore and haven’t sat still since I have been able to walk. With BFA’s in both Illustration and Motion Design from Cornish College of the Arts as well as certificates in Web Design and Development; I just might be over educated at this point. It is safe to assume that challenging myself will be a life-long adventure for me.

Watercolor and colored pencil is my favorite medium, but I can also be caught trying to unraveling the mystery of my wacky family tree. Aside from most things art I enjoy collecting vintage sewing buttons, old photographs, children’s pop-up books, and movable type. My sanity is always in question thanks in large part to my 1 year old dog, Clementine.

You can view my resume here.