Pretty Social Media Images

Social Media is tricky; I freely admit that I struggle with it at times. I don’t really feel that anyone much cares, nor should they care, what I ate for lunch, watch on TV, or where I plan on spending my weekend. Obviously social media’s place in my world is a bit iffy but that doesn’t mean knowing and understanding the appropriate sizing of those social media images aren’t important to me. If you need some assistance formatting images and setting up your social media feel free to contact me. While I may be at a loss for exactly what to post on my social media I am more than happy to help you make your social media visually stunning and uniquely your own.

For those ambitious individuals,  I have come across a few of these helpful articles which are really handy when setting up social media, and this particular article, by, is great because it is also an infographic.

2015 Social Media Image Size Guide

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