From Pencil to Pixel and Back Again:

Welcome to my design portfolio; where I strive to produce unique pieces of art in a variety of mediums. I started out writing and illustrating children's books and have expanded my knowledge base and undying curiosity to include the cyber universe as well. The evolution of media is fascinating, exciting, and at times a little scary. What intrigues me most is the relationship of fine art and technology; how they can exist without one over shadowing the other.

Writing and illustrating books is my first love and I am always pulled back to the peaceful practice of sketching or painting with a pencil or paintbrush. My hope is print will never completely go away. There is something so beautiful about the visual presentation that can not be replicated on any screen. Yet with the aid of technology we are able to push and pull how art is displayed in the world for the masses to enjoy. Alas, the cutting edge was yesterday, if you slept last night you missed it!

Web Design

Designing for the web is always evolving. The great thing about web design is the challenge, and end goal, of seeing a project from idea or sketch to a fully functioning site of your dreams. Let's talk about your site! Whether you need a site built using HTML or are interested in creating your own WordPress Kingdom, I look forward to collaborating with you.



When I was a very small child I wanted to paint and draw, which led to my pursuit of a degree in Illustration.  My favorite medium is a mix of watercolor, colored pencil, and a splash of collage at times.

I believe there would be more watercolor artists in the world if children's watercolor paint sets came with a brush you could actually paint with! They were like trying to paint with hairbrush bristles.  I was fortunate to have an art supply store nearby that offered real brushes to paint with and I owe them all my success.


Print is an exciting area to really mix up multiple mediums to create unique pieces. I often employ multiple disciplines in my print work; Illustration (both traditional and digital), Graphic Design, and Photography.


Where would we be without motion design? I am partial to creating stop motion pieces, as they are like timing a gigantic number of puzzle pieces to music or dialog so that they flow smoothly and tell a story without distracting the viewer.

Sketch Book

Where do ideas come from anyway? A sketchbook of course! I always wondered what an artist's sketchbook looked like when I was young. Whether it's a finished idea en route to production or doodling in a sketchbook to discover or refine a theme, I think a sketchbook helps tell the whole story of how ideas come to life.

Children's Books

Who didn't have a favorite book as a child? I always looked for books with colorful, detailed illustration that I would study and try to replicate.