Time to get Scilly

I don’t think there is another place on earth like the Isles of Scilly. I feel fortunate to have discovered them years ago quite by chance, but not by accident. Most sought after as a beautiful, quiet destination for those who seek to retreat for a bit. The Scillonians are welcoming and friendly.These tiny islands are packed with such a fascinating history. There are around 900 shipwrecks located in the tiny archipelago. Believed to have once been a single land mass, ancient stone walls are still easily visible from both land and sea. With a history beginning thousands of years ago with the Iron Age, Scilly has been the site of viking invasions, and home to pirates, wreckers and smugglers.

Scilly sunny day










I’ve made some important connections and have been given access to some pretty Scilly historical information. The editor of The Scillonian, The Isle of Scilly’s bi-annual periodical, has agreed to let me pour through his entire library, dating back nearly 100 years. I brought my book scanner and plan to tackle the war years especially. Did I mention how helpful Scillonians are?