A Truly Scilly Summer

I recently brought the book I am working on out and shared it with a writer friend of mine. My friend is also a writer and was able to look at my idea and evolving story with fresh ideas and eyeballs. You know I had not really thought about the value or necessity to share my manuscript with anyone before. It was not completely finished so no one needed to see it yet, or so I thought. This friend has been a terrific help and encouraging force in the evolution of this manuscript. I actually became excited about it again.
When I first began this book I was looking for an actual place with an interesting name. I was really interested in the 1940’s, possible orphan character, WWII, Europe. Imagine my delight in discovering the Isles of Scilly; a chain of islands off the southwestern coast of Cornwall, England.

This friend of mine came right out and said,”You need to go do some research. The story will almost write itself once you walk in the shoes of where you characters would have walked.”

Isn’t it annoying when someone else thinks of a solution first? What a good friend!

This summer I am taking my friend’s advice. Starting in London and then traveling by train to Land’s End in Cornwall, England. Taking the ferry, called the Great White Stomach Pump, 28 miles to the Isles of Scilly where my story takes place. Once there I am staying in a castle commissioned by Queen Elizabeth I in 16th century. I look forward to updating my blog as I prepare for this journey and discover how the story continues to unfold.