A Year’s Worth of Creative Attempts

I started this challenging art project last December. At the time I thought it was a great way for me to stretch my creativity and force myself into building a project from a picture I found on online. The original project I found used canvas as a base and paper for the patchwork, which clearly that would have been so much simpler than my brilliant plan! Using fabric would be so much more fun, or challenging, or difficult! So I dove into my fat quarter library (a seemingly simple task to most) and actually cut and fused about 100 or so circles of fabric to make the 2 sided patchwork pieces, as well as choose suitable buttons to add interest to some of the squares. Now, fat quarters and buttons are two of my favorite things in the world so to cut into a perfect fat quarter, whatever the reason, or separate a button from all the others in the big glass jars is quite an anxiety producing event. But it was a great winter project.

All’s well that end’s well and I think this time it turned out well. In future I know how to create other pieces to display the button and fat quarter collection currently filling my shelves and studio.