Past Scilliness

I’ve visited the Isles of Scilly for the last three summers and have been disappointed by the emergency closure of the museum two years past now. So close to such important history, but unable to access it because the building was found to have an unstable roof and closed indefinitely… Until this year. On my way from the airport to Star Castle, the driver informed me that a new temporary location has only recently opened as he drove right past it. I couldn’t get to the Castle fast enough to dump my luggage. I rushed back down the hill to the museum and took it all in. The museum curator happened to be there and I explained about the project that I was working on and she was so willing to help in my research. It’s a bit like winning the lottery for a writer. I bought every book I already didn’t own and she was kind enough to allow me and my book scanner access to the archives during my stay. I am beyond grateful. This means great prospects for the series. I can now proceed with historical documents to guide me as I develop the next four books. Did I mention how helpful Scillonians are recently?

Isle of Scilly Museum