Barking Mad Promo

This Barking Mad Promo was created with the help of Einstein and made a great introduction of Barking Mad Web Collective to the world. We are currently in contract negotiations for further use of Einie’s likeness in future projects.

Urban Adventure

“Urban Adventure” was created using cut paper and some digital magic. The story is about statues “Waiting for the Interurban” that come to life and go visit the Fremont Troll, bringing him lunch.

NWFF Promo

This motion design was created for Northwest Film Forum a few years ago.

Nuns vs. Godzilla

This stop motion piece was so much fun to make. I always start out with a general idea that quickly turns into a story within a story. Clearly my inspiration for this was a complete overload of Catholic school in my youth. I should inform you that no nuns or godzillas were hurt in the making of this short film. It’s campy and corny and just fun to watch.

Life in Scilly

Life in Scilly is a short motion piece created as a tie in to the story by the same name. It was created to look like a news reel based on the era in which the story took place.

Busy Bee

Busy Bee is a stop motion piece based on a 60 second audio clip from the movie “Best in Show”. So how many still photos does it take to make a piece like this you might wonder? I snapped around 750 still photos to consider and ended up using about 450 of them.

Giddy Goats

Giddy Goats is inspired by Frank Stanley & Elsie Stevenson’s 1910 classic Two Giddy Goats.



The task for this motion piece required the use of opposites, and mine just happened to be fast/slow. Much time was spent determining the appropriate soundtrack for this little short.