Need a little form in your life or website?

Recently I have started recommending WordPress clients use Gravity Forms on their sites rather than relying on free plugin form generators. While free plugins are great and the price certainly can’t be beat, they leave the door open for potential problems. Sometimes those free plugins just break, due to an upgrade or conflict with other plugins, and not always are those broken plugins operated on and brought back to life right away.

Here lies the problem; if someone visits your site and your contact form isn’t up and running.

How do they contact you?
How long has that form not been working?

Once you have your site built and the designer or developer hands you the keys how do you fix that kind of problem yourself? Unfortunately without hiring them again to troubleshoot and fix the problem most people are dead in the WordPress water.
So my best advice on this subject is to invest that bit of extra in your website. A $40 individual license is far more economical than $60-$100 an hour for a developer or design to try and rectify the problem later on. Gravity Forms are fairly easy to learn for even the novice user. Your designer or developer should set you up initially and create what forms you may need to start, but don’t be afraid to ask for a tour or lesson in how to use Gravity Forms. With the purchase of a license you get access to their documentation and support, so if a problem arises you have help right at your fingertips, no developer required.

Want to learn more? Here’s their site: gravity forms

Could it be a Sign?

In my attempt to be organized, on the ball, with it, and most importantly professional I ordered new business cards. I spent a significant amount of time on Barking Mad’s development, but to the cost of my own sites update including new cards. So I did order them, they were on there way! UPS had transferred them to the Post Office and they were due to arrive today. I waited, and waited, and waited. Then at 6pm, after repeated checking the Post Office’s website which ensured me they were out for delivery, I get a text proclaiming my cards arrival. Oh joy! But wait, there is nothing there. Not sure where he left them but my business cards are safely delivered somewhere else. Ugh… Is it a sign?

I hope they are nice, where ever they are!

It makes me smile, even if the mailman gave it to someone else.

It makes me smile, even if the mailman gave it to someone else.

Tomorrow will include a trip to the Post Office to inquire.