Wooden Type

Searching for inspiration the other day I found myself perusing some of my type trays in my studio.  This is some of my favorite wooden type in my collection. I acquired it some time ago, from someone who put it up on ebay unaware of it’s cool factor. I liked his version of where it was found; in a barn in the Midwest. It’s clearly old type, not all perfect and some letters have some damage to them, but that only makes them more interesting. When displayed they really are mini art pieces!


Copyrights and Trademarks

While organizing my websites digital closet I came across a really great blog posting by Mary Engelbriet on the subject of copyright and trademark issues. I have had numerous conversations with other artists on the subject of copyright and trademark rights. This 2 part article helps explain the importance of this subject without sounding angry or snarky.

Now I am a huge, I mean huge fan of Mary. I’ve met her twice and she has signed many of my prints and my copies of her books. Her work is so playful with a twist of nostalgia mixed in. Mary Engelbriet is also a remarkable business woman and has enjoyed great success, therefore she knows her stuff. I believe she may even have a little Mary Poppins in her as well!

Art and Web Capabilities

I was at a meetup event recently and someone asked about a particular feature they admired and wanted to achieve. After a little detective work it was a parallax website this individual was speaking of. It jogged my brain into rediscovering a beautiful site to show them that goes above and beyond what one would think possible from the web. It is a mix of technology and art that is done so well neither overshadows the other.

Barbara Olszańska-Żywalewska

Parallax is not perfect for a number of reason; one of the big reasons is the speed at which it doesn’t load. It can be tedious and for some people it is not worth the trouble or the extra few seconds it may take to load. I personally appreciate the care given to develop a complex site such as the one above.

Could it be a Sign?

In my attempt to be organized, on the ball, with it, and most importantly professional I ordered new business cards. I spent a significant amount of time on Barking Mad’s development, but to the cost of my own sites update including new cards. So I did order them, they were on there way! UPS had transferred them to the Post Office and they were due to arrive today. I waited, and waited, and waited. Then at 6pm, after repeated checking the Post Office’s website which ensured me they were out for delivery, I get a text proclaiming my cards arrival. Oh joy! But wait, there is nothing there. Not sure where he left them but my business cards are safely delivered somewhere else. Ugh… Is it a sign?

I hope they are nice, where ever they are!

It makes me smile, even if the mailman gave it to someone else.

It makes me smile, even if the mailman gave it to someone else.

Tomorrow will include a trip to the Post Office to inquire.